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Sayed Al-Ghuraifi Calls for Purifying Climate, Initiating Serious Dialogues

2023-03-28 - 5:00 am

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi called for "purifying the climate and initiating serious dialogues," stressing "the need to end all crises." He went on to say that since Sheikh Isa Qassim "is the symbol of this country, even bigger than it," Bahrainis should "abide by Sheikh Isa's directives in their behavior and lives."

Sayed Al-Ghuraifi delivered on Saturday a Ramadan sermon at the Imam Sadiq Mosque in Gufool to call for "purifying all climates, initiating serious dialogues for the good of this country, and making all the right choices far from the options that entail complexity and aggravation."

"When will all crises end and when will we not find wretched and disadvantaged people in this country looking for a decent living? When will we not find unemployed people whose jobs have been stolen by expatriates?" he wondered.

"When will we not find prisoners in this country? When will we not find people of this country emigrating? When will this homeland be safe?"

Responding to a question raised by one of the attendees about Sheikh Isa Qassim, Sayed Al-Ghuraifi said: "He (Sheikh Qassim) is a symbol for this homeland, even bigger than the homeland, and as much as we raise the level of our understanding of this, the level of our love for him, and the level of our abidance to his directives, we will have done something small of our responsibility towards our big symbols."

He addressed the asker by saying: "Abide by his (Sheikh Qassim) directives in your behavior and life, you will (then) be reviving this symbol," considering that "the greatest value is in relation to this great symbol."

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