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On Int'l Day for the Right to the Truth, Salam Demands Revealing Violations

2023-03-24 - 3:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights called on the Bahraini authorities to conduct investigations to officially reveal the responsible parties for violations that led to the death of citizens and to activate principle of accountability and non-impunity.

The organization said in a statement marking the "International Day for the Right to the Truth", which falls on March 24 each year, that this day passes while most violations in Bahrain have not been investigated by the authorities, stressing that "the victims of torture, arbitrary arrest, and enforced disappearance, along with their families, are still awaiting justice and they continue to witness the Government of Bahrain fail to overcome a culture of impunity."

"The fates of Bahraini victims remain in limbo," Salam added.

It reminded with the Bahraini authorities endeavors to obscure the truth about the deaths of dozens, such as the death of Bahraini youth Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, the first victim of the protests in 2011, who was killed by shotgun pellets, as well as Fadel Al-Matrouk, who was shot at close range by security forces during the peaceful funeral march of Ali Mushaima. "Despite the formation of a special committee to investigate these two incidents, the truth of what happened has not been officially revealed, and perpetrators have been held accountable," it noted.

The organization also recalled the case of businessman and owner of a publication house Abdulkarim Fakhrawi, the blogger Zakaria Al-Ashiri, and all the victims who were tortured to death at the hands of security forces inside interrogation rooms, as well as the death of political prisoner Abbas Malullah due to medical negligence in prison.

The organization called on the Bahraini authorities to fulfil its duty towards protecting and guaranteeing the rights of victims by conducting effective investigations to officially reveal the responsible parties in order to achieve redress and justice; and to activate the principle of accountability and non-impunity, within the framework of defining the responsibility of the concerned authorities for the implementation of gross violations of human rights during detention, investigation and trial.

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