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Sarhan: Families of 138 Detained Children Complains about Delay in Applying Article 87 of Restorative Justice for Children

2023-03-17 - 8:50 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ibrahim Sarhan, the legal advisor of Salam for Democracy for Democracy and Human Rights, stated said that many families of detained children complain about the delay in applying Article 87 of Law No. 7 of 2021, which requires reducing their sentences.

Sarhan explained, in a tweet on "Twitter", that there are more than 183 detained children and sentenced to a penalty of deprivation of liberty, pointing out that if the article is applied correctly, the detainees will be released, even those who are sentenced to life in prison. 

Sarhan wondered how "a temporary judicial committee concerned with commuting sentences under Article 30 of Law No. 2021 goes beyond its power when applying the law and violates all judicial and criminal laws, and adds further to a final verdict."

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