Editorial: Israelis' Influence over Our Arabic Language Curricula, How Far Does the Betrayal Go

2023-03-04 - 8:39 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Who gave Higher Education Council Secretary-General, Rana Al Khalifa, or her ruling family, the right to open the doors for Jewish institutions to penetrate the minds of children of Bahrain and their true Arabic language?

Rana bint Isa bin Daij Al Khalifa met yesterday with Ellie Cohanim International Affairs Advisor to World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder. The meeting yielded provocative results as the official news outlet published a piece of news saying that the meeting discussed ways to enhance cooperation in education and to develop the Arabic language curricula within the parameters of the Abraham Accords, including issues related to religious tolerance. 

As if the language of the Qur'an needs the enemies of the Qur'an? Can the ones who kill the children of Muslims and Arabs in Palestine be interested in developing the curricula of the children of Bahrain and their language?

What does the Jewish Congress have to do with developing the Arabic language?

In 2000, the Minister of Education at the time suggested that Mahmoud Darwish's poems be taught in Israeli schools, but his decision was rejected by then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who justified his refusal by saying that "the Israeli conscience is not prepared to accept this step."

Israel, with its main parties, the Likud and Labor parties, agreed to oppose proposals to introduce Mahmoud Darwish's poetry into their curricula.

The Israeli government was once shaken and panicked when "Passers between Passing Words" poem was recited on Israeli Radio. Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir expressed his disapproval by continuing to shout during a session of the Zionist Knesset.

This is how they treat our culture, poetry and language, while the Al Khalifa family decides to bring them in to teach our children Arabic.

Has the Academy of the Arabic Language which has existed since 1932 in Cairo and which has the best Arabic language scholars suddenly vanished?

How can we expect to learn religious tolerance from a group that has contributed to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine to ensure Jewish domination?

What are the power limits of Bahrain's government and ruling family? Do the limits of their power allow them to make a mockery out of all the traditions, values and principles of the people? And by what right do they do that? 

Every day citizens discover a new low, so it is no longer surprising that the country's officials and authorities continue to stoop even lower.

The people of Bahrain have expressed by all peaceful and civilized means their rejection of normalization with the Israeli occupation entity and normalization agreements. Some citizens resorted to writing and others to demonstrations. Hundreds of marches were staged in rejection of normalization, so what shall the people do to make the government listen to their views? 

What country willingly accepts opening the door to its values, culture, language, security and identity before its enemies?

Indeed, what are the limits of betrayal?

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