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Fairooz: Parliamentarians and IPU Bodies Willing to Raise HR Issues while in Bahrain

2023-03-04 - 3:41 am

Bahrain Mirror: The "Bahrain Forum for Human Rights" organized a human rights seminar entitled "Updates on Bahrain's human rights situation" with the participation of members of Al-Wefaq Society, media people, father of political detainee Mr. Ali Mhanna and mother of martyr Sami Mushaima.

Chairman of SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights Jawad Fairooz said during his intervention that the Human Rights Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which Bahrain will host its 146th assembly in March 2023, was not convinced by the authority's response regarding his complaint and that of former Al-Wefaq MP Matar Matar about their torture in 2011.

He revealed that some parliamentarians and human rights bodies have expressed their willingness to address the human rights situation - while in Bahrain - with the aim of pushing for justice for former parliamentarians, who 6 of them were stripped off their nationality by the authority, including Ayatollah Qassim, as well as Sheikh Ali Salman, and other Parliamentarians who were subjected to various violations, in addition to addressing the continuing violations such as the death penalty.

Fairooz revealed that he had raised, during a meeting with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, the issue of prisoners of conscience, including the 14 politically isolated detainees and the unstoppable systematic retaliation they are being subjected to, even with the end of the "trial".

Mother of martyr Ali Mshaima (mother of two detainees and a former detainee who suffers from permanent disabilities) spoke in her intervention about the suffering of her four children due to authority's oppression, noting that Sami was arbitrarily executed and Abdulzahraa has a chronic disease. She indicated that the authority continues to summon her third son, Hasan, a former detainee and that her youngest son, Rida, is in prison.

The mother described what AbdulZahraa is suffering from as a moral execution, as he was subjected to the worst forms of abuse and torture, which affected his psychological and mental health.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Madhoun called on the parliamentarians who will come to Bahrain to review the violations committed by the authorities and its persistence in persecuting citizens. He called on the parliamentarians to learn about the parliamentary experience of the people of Bahrain, and how the "dictatorship" mentality thwarted it, as well as the "Manama Document" that was presented by the "Al-Wefaq Society" as a solution initiative, but the authorities ignored it.

Mr. Ali Mhanna tackled the issue of the political isolation of the 14 detainees, including his own son, Ali, and the heinous practices they are subjected to, especially after the end of their trial, stressing the Jaw Prison's administration continues to deny that they are isolated.

Meanwhile, Yusuf Rabie, a member of Al-Wefaq Society, pointed out that the authorities manipulate the political prisoners' issue as a blackmail card, describing the trial of Sheikh Ali Salman as "fallen" because it is based on a fabricated accusation that would expose the authorities if reconciliation with Qatar takes place.

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