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BFHR: Health Condition of Prisoner of Conscience Ahmed Jaafar Deteriorates due to Torture, Denial of Treatment

2023-02-26 - 1:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights warned of the deteriorating health condition of prisoner of conscience Ahmed Jaafar due to the torture, ill treatment and denial of treatment he is being subjected to.

BFHR confirmed in a statement that "The situation of the prisoner of conscience Ahmed Jaafar has not improved and there is no response to his demands for the right to treatment, ensuring an adequate healthy environment and reducing ill-treatment, despite the NIHR's visit to him in November 2022."

The forum stressed that the prison's deteriorating environment and degrading and inhumane treatment which Ahmed Jaafar suffers from is the case of many prisoners of conscience in Bahrain's prisons, which prompted them to announce their intention to go on an open strike after their demands were ignored, and in protest against the falsification of facts by official institutions.

Ahmed Jaafar was a political asylum seeker in Serbia. However, the Serbian government forcibly handed him over to the Bahraini authorities which arrested him as soon as he arrived on January 24, 2022, despite a decision issued by the European Court of Human Rights to stop his deportation.

The regime accused Ahmed Jaafar of "being involved in events that occurred while he was outside Bahrain and he was tried over this charge. His appeal against a life sentence in one of the cases was rejected on February 20, 2023. -

He was subjected to torture, ill-treatment, and deliberate negligence of his poor health condition and denial of treatment. The regime ignored complaints submitted by him and his family to various concerned authorities to put an end to the violations.

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