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Abdulnabi Al-Aradi: Health Sector in Bahrain "in Deterioration", Al-Salmaniya Hospital Gets Rid of Bahraini Cadres in Favor of Foreigners

2023-02-24 - 12:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr. Abdunabi Al-Aradi confirmed that the health system in Bahrain is "in deterioration", considering that "whoever took the decision to empty the Al-Salmaniya Hospital of Bahraini medical staff and replace it with foreigners will not retreat from his decisions."

Al-Aradi said on his Instagram account that "the new administration of Al-Salmaniya hospital did not ask to meet with any of the consultants who resigned from the hospital to find out the reasons for their resignation," saying "This shows how this administration is not interested if they stay or leave."

He explained that "the government no longer believes that development in the health sector has a major role in personal and social development and sustainable economic growth," pointing out that "citizens resort to dozens of cheap foreign private hospitals in search of treatment after the deterioration of hospital services."

"These hospitals are designed to treat simple cases, while difficult cases are returned to government hospitals," Al-Aradi warned.

He wondered "Have you ever heard that the best doctors resign from a medical institution without that institution making any effort to avoid making them leave it?" "This clarifies the policy of the Al-Salmaniya Hospital administration without any effort: getting rid of Bahrainis and hiring doctors from abroad," stressing that this contradicts with the government program that was presented to the Parliament for the coming years.

"If the government is serious about implementing its program for the coming years, this is its first test," he added.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Abdulnabi Al-Aradi worked for 40 years as a consultant general and laparoscopic surgeon, including 23 years in the Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex, in the same specialty, before he resigned with a number of doctors in protest against the hospital administration's preference of foreign doctors over them and its bad treatment.

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