Menorah Planted in our Land (1)

Derari Island: A Settlement Ready for Sale by Order of the King and his Sons

2023-02-17 - 2:49 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Whoever sells a land has sold a homeland, and with normalization, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has mortgaged Bahrain's security and sold parts of its land in order to introduce a new element to Bahraini society; Jewish settlement. 

Derari is an artificial island of about 10,000 square meters that was reclaimed in the waters of Bahrain's capital and sold for 9 million dinars to a Jewish company affiliated with the Jewish National Fund, which is the competent authority to buy lands for Jews everywhere, inside and outside Palestine.

But is the sale of this island the end of it? No, there is another island larger than the one that was sold in the waterfront, designed by Mohammed Gharib office for Engineering in the form of a Jewish candelabrum (Menorah). It was named Derari Island. This island is expected to be another settlement. 

Derari is an artificial island that has been reclaimed in the flank of the Durrat Al Bahrain project south of Bahrain. Al Salam Bank has financed the reclamation cost of this island at least $30 million.

Durrat Al Bahrain covers an area of 5 kilometers, and the candelabrum-shaped island has an area of 1.5 square kilometers (one million and 500 thousand square meters).

When looking up the meaning of the word Derari, we did not find a reference to a specific meaning, but there is at least one family in the occupying entity whose nickname is Derari. 

The island is designed in a modern style, consisting of villas overlooking the sea, where each villa has direct access to the sea with private sea harbors for each villa.

Durrat Al Bahrain project is owned by the King of Bahrain, and is inhabited by senior figures of power such as the Minister of Interior, the Attorney General, the President of the Court of Cassation, the Vice President of the Supreme Judicial Council, among others.

The King was particularly interested in the new conditions for reconstruction issued by his son the Prime Minister in October 2022, which opened the door to creating a special identity for the regions through the zoning of blocks so that each block has its own identity and facilities.

There were concerns that this division might be the back door to the project of Judaizing Manama, because the division of areas into blocks means opening the door to new blocks in the middle of certain areas on a religious or sectarian basis.

Indeed, the first to welcome the requirements was the head of the Culture and Antiquities Authority, Khalifa bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, who is overseeing the project to Judaize the old neighborhood in Manama. 

However, no one thought that the regime had already started a larger settlement project in other areas, the island that was sold for 9 million dinars in Manama's waterfront was just the beginning. It is expected now that the new islands such as Derari Island, as well as the Durrat Al Bahrain 2 project, will be a destination for the Jewish National Fund, founded in 1901 for the purpose of purchasing and developing land for Jewish settlers everywhere.

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