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Sheikh Sanqour: The Country should Embrace Everyone

2023-02-11 - 8:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Preacher of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, said "what the homeland needs in the current stage is the frankness that stems from a strong concern for the permanence of its security and stability."

Sheikh Sanqour stressed in his Friday sermon (February 10, 2023) that "What the homeland needs is frankness about the need to embrace all its citizens, and to overcome the effects of the past decade with all its events and tragedies, by the release of prisoners and the return of those who were forced to leave due to circumstances and those who lost their nationalities, and by also abolishing the so-called 'social and political isolation' and allowing the return of the freedom of press and constructive criticism."

"What the country needs in this stage is to protect its religion, identity, constants, customs and values, and to address the living situation such as poverty, burdensome taxes, unemployment, low wages and surplus expatriate workers," Sheikh Sanqour stated.

He went on to say: "What the country needs is the elimination of corruption in all its forms, and this calls for transparency in detecting corruption and its causes, and creating mechanisms that guarantee its full credibility and secure its broad powers."

On the other hand, Sheikh Sanqour warned that "the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria puts the world in the face of a major humanitarian responsibility that should be observed away from political equations," explaining that "humanitarian issues should not be politicized."

He warned that "the reluctance to provide assistance to the Syrian people under the pretext of the blockade imposed on Syria is a shame," noting that "Syria, like Turkey, is an afflicted country, and the scenes of victims and destruction are heart-rending."

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