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Ombudsman Admits Presence of Number of Detainees in Isolation

2023-02-07 - 10:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activist Ali Mhanna said that the Ombudsman confirmed that there is a number of detainees, including his son, in isolation, although the Jaw Prison administration denied this.

Mhanna added via his Twitter account (February 5, 2023) after visiting the Ombudsman building and meeting with Secretary-General Ghada Hamid, that the latter said that "they are in isolation, but not in solitary, and they are not being punished," wondering about the meaning of "transferring the prisoners to cells without beds and making them sleep on the floor... Isn't this a punishment?"

During the meeting, Mhanna called for the need to end the isolation of the aforementioned detainees because of their suffering, noting that the Ombudsman did not provide "a convincing explanation on how this measure is not considered punitive despite everything that happened to the prisoners there," he said. 

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