Citizen Ahmad Issa's Cry: Bahraini's Beg for Jobs While Foreigners Are Hired

2023-01-28 - 1:42 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): With the onset of 2023, the living conditions of the people of Bahrain have worsened, with high prices rising every day, poverty, no jobs for nationals, and very low salaries. Foreigners are placed before the people of the homeland. There is a suffocating atmosphere that has left no room for silence, and so it is necessary to raise one's voice, and to scream from the severity of the pain that the authorities have inflicted on us. Hence, the cry of a Bahraini citizen resounded in every house last week and was witnessed by thousands, who shared his pain.

"How is it fair for me to beg for a job in order to support my children!" said citizen Ahmad Hasan Issa expressing his pain.

A blatant question that rocked the skies of the homeland, and echoed through the halls of the Royal Court, government meeting rooms, the Civil Service Bureau, the Ministry of Labor and all other ministries, why is the Bahraini citizen literally begging for a job and losing face for a right stipulated in the constitution?

Along with this citizen, we ask: By what right do more than 18,000 Indian nationals secure jobs in Bahrain in just half a year? By what right!

By what right do the jobs of male and female teachers go to Arab nationals, while thousands of Bahraini teachers suffer from unemployment? By what right!

By what right do the jobs of male and female nurses, the jobs of engineers, accountants, lawyers, all go to foreigners, who are prioritized at the expense of the sons and daughters of this country?

Ahmad Hasan Issa's cry is a voice that represents all the people of Bahrain.

The authorities have gone too far in their contempt toward citizens, out of fear of the whips of Rashid bin Abdullah and his officers, and they have gone too far in favoring anyone that is foreign over Bahrainis. In fairness, it is also safe to say that the trade industry and private sector companies have followed suit by making this grave mistake.

It is a cry that no one answered, colliding with what the Indian ambassador said in Al-Watan newspaper, 18,000 jobs and more were given in just six months of last year to his citizens, whose opportunities are similar to Pakistanis, Jordanians, and others whose employment has become an absolute priority for the authorities in the Gulf kingdom. What gives them the right to do that!


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