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Diraz Friday Preacher: Selling Real Estate to Zionists is Betrayal of our Homeland

Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour
Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour

2023-01-07 - 11:26 am

Bahrain Mirror: Amid talk of real estate in a number of villages and towns across Bahrain being sold to usurping Zionists, Bahraini religious scholar Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, the Friday preacher at the Imam al-Sadiq Mosque (pbuh) in the Bahraini village of Diraz, called on the authorities in Manama to "reassure people by issuing a law that categorically prohibits owners from selling any of their property and assets to Jews, individuals or entities alike, whether directly or through an intermediary."

Sanqour stressed that making attractive offers and striking deals with Zionist occupiers to sell even limited plots is tantamount to selling our homeland. 

The Friday preacher went on to say that such individuals do not coexist with anyone. "They sever the hand that feeds them, as their history, which is full of treachery and broken covenants, is a witness to this. Hence, whenever they gain control of land and resources, their first victim will be the one who did them the favor."

"We urge that the state has the right to annul any contract that was concluded or to be concluded when one of its parties is Jewish," he added.

Sheikh Sanqour further denounced the storming of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli Minister of "National Security", Itamar Ben-Gvir, stating that it is a provocation among a series of systematic provocations aiming to offend Muslims, and a shameless disregard for the sanctities and lives of Muslims.