Loyalists who Lost in Elections Feel Humiliated by Regime's Interferences

2022-11-18 - 11:25 am

Bharian Mirror (Exclusive): Pro-regime candidates who recorded losses in the elections expressed disappointment, complaining publicly, one after another, that the authorities had openly directed votes to their rivals against the will of the people, denouncing the government's control over people's votes.

Candidate Latifa Eid said that from now on she will remain silent "until there are fair parliamentary elections, we were all there and we all revealed the truth." This candidate saw the reality of the game, and said in another tweet that she immediately removed her photos and posters from the streets because she no longer wants to be a part of this play.

As for the candidate in the sixth constituency in the Northern Governorate, Abdullah Al-Hammadi, he swore by God in a video clip that he is saying the truth and that he is not falsely accusing anyone, explaining that sources confirmed to him at the beginning of the elections that there were directives to vote for the one who won the seat in the constituency, Abdulnabi Salman.

Al-Hammadi, citing sources, confirmed the existence of official urgency and firm orders to vote for the candidate who won. "Why should we lose and exhaust ourselves when I was sure that someone is intervening to make us lose, why?"

Former MP Ibrahim Bou Sandal, who also lost this election, wrote on his Twitter account that he had heard many tell him: Don't run for elections, they will hurt you, they don't want you. He wrote, "A sentence I heard from various sources when I thought about running this year: Don't run. The government does not want you."

Bousandal said in another tweet that he was thinking of putting into words what happened to him from the moment of his nomination up until his loss.

All these candidates agree that this experiment is useless and was made in favor of what the authorities want, which is unprecedented. The participation rate; however, is not unprecedented, as Justice Minister Nawaf Al-Maawda and his companion, the head of the Legislation Department, Nawaf Hamza, claimed.

There were other candidates, such as Ahmed Al-Heddi and Ali Saeed Al-Maamari, who complained about official directives issued to the military and other voters asking them to cast their votes for specific candidates the authorities favor.

The Bahraini authorities have gone too far in exploiting the rights of all citizens, and have insulted everyone who expected any good from them, and will continue to do so.

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