Prof. Bilal Al-Laqees: Bahrainis' Boycott, Opposition Consensus Big Step that Flustered Regime and Its Western Allies

2022-11-17 - 10:38 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): On the eve of the parliamentary elections, which were boycotted by the people of Bahrain, who see that legislative action in the country is weak, the authorities sought all means to save the regime's face before the international community, at times by resorting to the support of the Sunni endowments officials and Friday sermons, and at other times through the troops of the politically naturalized at home and abroad.

Political researcher, Professor Bilal Al-Laqees, greeted the people of Bahrain, describing them as "the dear people of dignity, patience, endurance and sufferers of injustice" without forgetting to pay tribute to the youths "who are unjustly languishing in prisons," adding that "all Bahraini people are stuck in a prison of a different form."

Al-Laqees highlighted that the stances of the people of Bahrain are an exceptional model in the conflict in the region between the oppressed peoples and the forces of arrogance and their tools, which reflect "a unique and exceptional awareness, and emphasize that their struggle and boycott of the elections today is not a transient emotional state, but a rather conscious and accurate expression of the nature of the conflict and the worsening crisis in the country with a regime that lacks all the elements of legitimacy."

The Lebanese political researcher highlighted that the correct opposition consensus on boycotting is an important step that not only flusters the regime but also its "Western allies who protect it, and exposes the remaining false claims about support for democracy and the right of peoples to freedom."

"Yes, the step is more than right, because as we note that the regime has sought in the past years to create any kind of popular legitimacy-which it lacks-sometimes by organizing sham elections and other times by organizing formal events, such as the recent visit of the Pope of the Vatican," through which the regime, according to Al-Laqees, aimed at "inhaling some oxygen while taking its last breath, since the regime is currently crumbling and feels that it is losing control."

Al-Laqees addressed the people of Bahrain, praising their awareness, saying: "What is required-always-is not to give the regime any legitimacy, and this is what your positions have consecrated, stripping it of all the elements of legitimacy and therefore the elements of survival," expecting that the Bahraini regime-in the coming period-will be more like "Zelensky of Ukraine" in a role serving "Western, Israeli and Saudi interests at the expense of its free, faithful and struggling people, who have great faith, divine and moral leaderships, which are rarely to be found nowadays, and understand the regime's games."

Professor Bilal Al-Laqees stressed that all observers of the Bahraini scene are certain, based on indicators and realistic contexts, that "the entire Arabian Peninsula region is taking firm steps towards liberation and complete liberation.  This is what we have seen in Yemen, and this is what we are clearly seeing today in Bahrain," adding that the future of the Arabian Peninsula region is in favor of "the vast majority of its peoples and their position in support of all just issues, which clearly defined its position in the international conflict, i.e. in the axis of liberation from tyranny and domination."

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