Bahraini Judge Responsible for Elections Supervisory Committee Left Out of the Loop

2022-11-16 - 4:20 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Judge Responsible for the Supervisory Committee for the First constituency in the Capital Governorate played an apparently non-existent role for 12 hours before she was surprised to learn that she was left in the dark. She was preparing to announce the vote results which are supposed to be confidential, but was shocked by the journalists who informed her that the results had already been announced and published in all newspapers. 

"How come?" was her first reaction, as she confirmed that neither her team nor herself have revealed the results to anyone. The journalists tried to calm her down since she was dumbfounded by the news, and told her that "they are rumors", and so did her team, who happily repeated "rumors, rumors".  However, when she read the results, they were the same as those published in all newspapers.

The poor judge has no idea that the results are prepared in another place and that her role as head of the supervisory committee is just nominal. 

The judge noted that these results are preliminary, explaining that the final results are to be announced by the "Elections Supreme Committee". 

The video of the poor judge with the shock on her face demonstrates the lack of the most significant principle of election integrity, which is the secrecy of the ballot and ensuring information related to the voting process are safeguarded. Hence, one is bound to wonder: Who is allowed to access the results saved in the systems of election headquarters? Isn't the leakage of results before their initial announcement a declaration of an error in the protection of information of the entire electoral process and not just a single district? This is why people boycotted the elections.

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