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Participants in Elections Complain about Directing Voters

2022-11-11 - 4:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: Even with laws to root out dissent and delete tens of thousands of voters' lists, Bahraini authorities interfere with voters by directing them to vote for specific candidates.

Candidates complained that official bodies had directed votes in favor of specific candidates, noting that this is contrary to the separation of powers.

Candidate Ahmed Al-Heddi said that one of the parties interferes with the free will of the people through orders and directives, in order to exclude candidates from the electoral scene.

Such actions reveal a crisis of confidence, he said, refusing to manipulate the people's political will.

For his part, candidate Bou Onq said that the interference of any party in the elections so that voters are directed to vote for specific candidates is harmful to the democratic process. 

Opposition figure Ibrahim Sharif commented: "Some people were deleted from the list of candidates and voters because they are opponents and some were deleted because they didn't elect 4 years ago."

He added "however, now candidates are being dropped because they have deviated from the official script. The result: we will have two Shura Councils instead of one."

This information serves as further testimony to the validity of the belief of the opposition, which is boycotting the elections, that the Government controls the electoral process and that the Council does not genuinely reflect the will of the people. 

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