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Sheikh Al-Daihi: Bahraini People are Conscious, Will Boycott Elections

2022-11-10 - 5:12 p

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary-General of the Bahraini Al-Wefaq Society, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, confirmed that the Bahraini opposition forces, as a whole, abroad, at home and behind bars, announced boycotting the parliamentary elections, because of the dictatorship of the regime and marginalization of the people, preventing them from participating in the decision making process. He said the regime plans to establish an Israeli embassy in order to have a huge intelligence center for the entity in the region, which poses a threat to Bahrain and the entire region.

Sheikh Al-Daihi pointed out in an interview with Al-Alam TV that "the regime controls the national wealth and deprives the people of their right to be a source of all authorities, as all the authorities today are limited to one individual who controls them fully," adding that "this has all produced a number of problems at a very a large scale that have ravaged the homeland and led to the collapse of many political, social, economic and security structures because of this dictatorial situation taking place in the country."

Sheikh Al-Daihi explained that "the decision to boycott the elections was firstly announced by Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Ahmed Qassim, a national leader very highly respected by the majority of the Bahraini people who respond to his call. All parties and political entities have joined the boycott decision, which was taken unanimously in full as I indicated, both inside Bahrain and behind bars, and will inevitably have repercussions on a very large level on participation in the upcoming elections."

"Today we are working as a national force in an attempt to unite our efforts and work as much as possible to unite on a unified project through under the leadership of His Eminence, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Ahmed Qassim, and we ask Allah for success in this," Sheikh Al-Daihi continued. 

"There is discrimination at all levels. There is control over national wealth and confiscation of the people's decision to be a source of power, and there is a naturalization process for foreigners," he said, adding that "the issue of naturalization has become widely rejected today by citizens, both Sunnis or Shites alike."

Regarding normalization, Sheikh Al-Daihi stated that "Bahrain, as an authority, and not as a people, has opened all its doors to the Israeli entity. The regime is currently trying to send students to study, and sign health, housing, operational and similar agreements with the Israeli entity. All these practices say that the regime has thrown itself into the lap of the Isaeali entity."

The deputy Secretray-General revealed that "the regime, as usual, rejected all the mediations provided to it over the past years by all parties, whether individuals, organizations or countries, the latest of which was the advice provided by the Pope of the Vatican to abide by the provisions of the constitution and apply them in practice, renounce discrimination, establish freedoms, and the right to life, in reference to ending the death penalty, and other matters revealed by Al-Wefaq in a private conversation between him and some state officials."

"The regime hears all these voices calling for reform of the situation and calling for saving Bahrain from its crisis that has ravaged it for many years, but unfortunately it does not respond in a practical response, neither to the Pope nor to others, regardless of the advice," he said.

"Today we are facing a very big challenge, a reality that will be miserable and a scene from which if we do not save ourselves will turn against us, our children and future," he stressed. "Voting for the council in the upcoming elections will be an imprint and signature by the people of Bahrain on the policies of the regime that it has practiced over the past years, including normalization with the Israeli entity, the impoverishment of the Bahraini people, and the unfair laws that have denied you of your rights and freedoms."

"Indications show that there is no turnout for these elections, they are a failure from the start from what we see today. There are no real programs, and there are no real goals for a real parliament."

Al-Daihi went on to say that the people of Bahrain are conscious and will boycott these elections. They will win, God Willing, he said.

"Be with us, one voice in boycotting these elections and in renouncing them, so that we do not become perpetrators against ourselves and affect the future of our children," he announced.

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