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139 Reasons to Boycott Bahrain's Sham Elections: Al-Wefaq

2022-11-07 - 4:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society issued a booklet containing 139 reasons to boycott the sham parliamentary election held by the regime, amid a suffocating constitutional, political and human rights crisis.

The 139 reasons included all "legal and constitutional flaws, the fact that the electoral process lacks the least elements of justice and institutionalization and all basic pillars to express the will of citizens practically."

The reasons included a presentation based on different dimensions and angles of the experiment that produced a formal council, unrepresented and unable to accomplish anything. 

According to Al-Wefaq, the summary of the reasons concluded that the council produced by these elections is a council that represents the government 100% as a result of all the preliminaries, circumstances and procedures on which it was built.

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