Editorial: To the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar

2022-11-06 - 8:14 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): From Manama, you called on Shia scholars to hold an intra-Muslim dialogue; but the question is: Which scholars do you want? If you want unpopular Shia scholars, they have been sitting next to you for the past two days at the Bahrain Forum for Dialogue: East and West for Human Coexistence". You can hold with them any dialogue you want and sign agreements with them, but they will remain mere ink on paper.

If you want real shiite scholars to whom thousands listen and answer, because they have experienced them in good and bad times and tested their honesty, we can tell you that they are either behind bars, in exile or in their voluntary isolation after distancing themselves from participating in a forum where they cannot say a word of truth in the face of an unjust ruler. The authorities rather wanted them to attend only for decoration and to promote an untrue image of a country suffering from so much pain. Such holy scholars are not keen on being treated as decorations, and that's why people follow them.

The Pope of the Vatican chose to stand with them and speak openly about the injustice they are subjected to. So, you, your Imminence, have to choose: with whom exactly do you want to hold your intra-islamic dialogue? 

Here in Bahrain, our disagreement is not based on complexes. There is no debate about who is right or wrong; whether it's Sunnis or Shiites. The main conflict is with a royal family that monopolizes wealth and practices injustice against the people, especially the Shiites who are subjected to terrible discrimination, whose scholars are imprisoned, exiled and their children tortured. If you want comfort for this country, let your proposed call for dialogue be dedicated to bringing these two sides together: the oppressors and the oppressed. 

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