Al-Wefaq Hopes His Holiness the Pope Undertakes Initiative for Serious Dialogue between Regime and People

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

2022-10-31 - 4:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society expressed its hope that His Holiness the Pope undertakes a humanitarian initiative and adopts a call for serious dialogue between the regime and the people, noting that the country lacks true tolerance.

Al-Wefaq welcomed the guests of Bahrain and in particular his Holiness Pope Francis, saying "the people of Bahrain are hospitable and the homes of their people are open to His Holiness and to all those who honor us in our country."

"As His Holiness the Pope will come to Bahrain in a time when most advocates of peace and religious tolerance languish behind bars or in exile," the society stressed, adding: "We regret to announce that a large number of Bahraini scholars will not be able to receive the Pope for these unjust reasons."

Al-Wefaq hoped that His Holiness the Pope will undertake a humanitarian initiative and adopt a call for serious dialogue between the regime and the people that emphasizes the lost values of tolerance in Bahrain.

The Society further pointed out that "the visit comes at a time when the regime is absenteing most of Bahrain's scholars, namely the most prominent spiritual leader His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, whose nationality was revoked and who was brought to trial, and citizens were killed in front of his house, and is now forcibly residing abroad."

"Religious scholars and clerics, including the head of the largest national society and the largest bloc in the history of the parliament, Sheikh Ali Salman, Sheikh Abdul Jalil Al-Meqdad and hundreds of others, are in prison."

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