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Jawad Fairooz: Authorities Seek to Consolidate Fake Democracy Leading to Legitimization of Tyranny

2022-09-22 - 5:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Former Bahraini MP and head of Salam Organization for Democracy and Human Rights, Jawad Fairooz, said in a press statement to Daraj website that "the authorities in Bahrain are systematically seeking to consolidate the fake democracy that leads to the legalization of tyranny and absolute monarchy by confiscating the right of the people to sovereignty and making it a source of power for all by holding sham elections, that do not reflect the popular will either in form or substance, as well as preventing the popular majority from exercising their political right and voiding political participation of its value."

Fairooz, who lives in exile after Bahrain revoked his citizenship, added: "The authority is doing so by dissolving opposition political societies and preventing their leaders and members from running in elections and voting after adding unconstitutional amendments to the law on the exercise of political rights. It also implemented an illegal measure by removing the names of citizens who didn't vote in the previous elections from the voters' lists in order to increase the fake percentage of participation to mislead public opinion after expecting a rise in the boycott rate due to the increasing state of frustration and discontent among citizens with the performance of the Shura Council and the Parliament and absence of the legislative authority's oversight role."

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