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On "Day of Betrayal", Sheikh Al-Daihi Says Regime Attempts to Obliterate Manama Identity

2022-09-12 - 7:55 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Deputy Secretary General of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, said the Bahraini regime seeks to Judaize the country and obliterate the identity of the capital, Manama, which is "known for its authentic history."

In a speech during the "Day of Betrayal" event organized by Al-Wefaq in the Lebanese capital Beirut on the second anniversary of the signing of the normalization agreement with the Israeli entity, Al-Daihi stressed (Friday, September 9, 2022) that the people of Bahrain stand by Palestine and its resistant people against "this injustice that lasted for many years until they restore the last inch of its occupied territory."

Al-Daihi stressed that Palestine will remain the cause of Bahrainis "no matter how much the Bahraini regime tries to put its hand in the hand of this entity," explaining that the regime had their arms wide open for "this entity, welcoming it everywhere. They planted it in all the joints of our land, in order to make it exist from nothing. Sheikh Al-Daihi warned that this entity is ephemeral and temporary "and everyone who stands by it will disappear as well."

He denounced during his speech the regime's work to establish a Jewish identity on the territory of Bahrain and in the capital Manama, "This ancient and authentic capital, known for its authentic history, full of goodness, as well as Islamic and other monuments." Today the regime wants to Judaize this capital. It gave them a large part of our land in the capital under the guise of establishing a Jewish neighborhood in the capital, Manama, and slyly turned to those who wanted to buy the lands of some of the people of Manama under false pretenses, using Zionist companies and Zionist individuals, who wanted to purchase lands from Bahrainis to give to the Jews with the aim of establishing a neighborhood and synagogue for Jews.

"The relationship between Manama and Tel Aviv has gone beyond the normal manifestations of normalization, as is the case in Egypt, to cover up a security and military partnership," he said, noting the presence of Israeli officers in Bahrain.

Al-Daihi quoted a Western diplomat as saying that the Israeli prime minister said, "We have dealt with some regimes in the Middle East that have normalized with Israel, and we have no fear of these peoples, but in our dealings with the people of Bahrain, we consider that everyone in Bahrain is a time bomb in the face of every Israeli." He commented "This is how they look at Bahrainis."

"They established their embassy, they brought their officers, but they are afraid, as their embassy is still being covered even though it is known to everyone. They do not want their ambassador to appear in a vehicle marked with the Israeli flag, because they fear the reaction of Bahraini youths and the people of Bahrain," he added.

"Bahrain went beyond all the regimes that normalized with Israel. They brought an Israeli liaison officer, and an Israeli camp by bringing some radars that detect missiles in response to and protection from Iran's missiles that they fear. The partnership between Bahrain and Israel reached an open security and military partnership under the title, Joint Warm Peace Strategy, that extends for a decade with the aim of expanding relations in many areas to meet the common challenges as they claim, mainly the alleged Iranian threat."

He further stated "They painted Iran as a scary 'bogeyman' in order to create an Israeli presence out of nothing. They justify their relationship with this entity by saying it is to face an alleged Iranian threat. These security-military relations deepened, and this agreement was signed, including an agreement to appoint an Israeli liaison officer in Bahrain as part of an international coalition aimed at securing navigation freedom in territorial waters. All of this is out of fear of an enemy they made, called Iran, without real justification."

Commenting on the presence of an Israeli medical delegation in Bahrain, Al-Daihi said, "Do you know that yesterday, in the capital Manama, an Israeli delegation came and was taken to Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex in Bahrain, the largest largest hospital in the country, and the staff were forced to receive this Zionist delegation, or otherwise they will be dismissed. Ministers and officials in Bahrain are also forced to receive the ambassador of the Zionist entity, they want normalization by force, they want to consolidate this entity and this presence by force, by threats and intimidation, and by threatening dismissal from important jobs in the state. If any senior official, an employee in Al-Salmaniya or anywehere refuses to shake hands with a Zionist who came to Bahrain, they threaten him with his livelihood, and then with arrest, imprisonment or prosecution."

He went on to say that "Today, they wanted to Judaize Bahrain, but the people of Bahrain confirm that they continue to stand by Palestine, and they will continue take to the streets in Ashura to lay on the pure land of Bahrain this flag (...) of the temporary Israeli entity, to be stepped on by Bahraini scholars, and the youths of Bahrain. Bahrainis stage every week and everyday a protest against the existence of this entity. They are wrong if they think that with their power, brutality and attempts, they can force the people of Bahrain to surrender to this presence and to this Zionist entity on our land."

"They are wrong if they think that the people of Bahrain will give up their belief in terms of Palestine. They are wrong if they think that they will advance in our land and our homeland when they put their hands in the hands of the Zionist entity," Sheikh Al-Daihi stressed. "You put your hand in the hands of a temporary regime and entity that will vanish, and everyone who put their hands with it will vanish as well. Everyone who normalized, everyone who stood with Israel is ephemeral along with this entity."

He reiterated the stance of the people of Bahrain that rejects normalization in all its forms and confirmed that they stand in the face of this project that destroys our identity. "We will not give up, we will express our views despite threats of imprisonment and persecution. We will stand together to stress that we are with Palestine, with our Arab and Islamic identity in Palestine. Our homeland will preserve its identity, and we will not accept it to be desecrated by Israel."

He highlighted that "Israel is occupying Bahrain, and perhaps it is the second country to be occupied by the Zionist entity gradually, through the purchase of land within a planned project in the villages of Bahrain and its capital. Nonetheless, we are conscious and we will not allow the sale of our land to this Zionist entity."

Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi concluded his speech by referring to the Bahraini parliament, which did not reject this normalization agreement, stressing that "there is no participation in a parliament that approves the decisions of a regime that normalizes with the Zionist entity. The people of Bahrain are not honored to be part of this parliamentary institution, which stands united with the Bahraini regime in approving the normalization agreement."

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