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Applying Open Prisons Program, Allowing Prisoners to Spend 12 Hours outside Prison

2022-08-22 - 8:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: Information revealed that the Jaw Prison administration has started implementing the open prisons program that allows prison inmates to spend a large part of the day at their homes, work sites or schools.

Legal advisor Ibrahim Sarhan confirmed that Jaw prison authorities have transferred 46 convicts, including 12 political detainees, whose sentences and ages are different, to a building designated to the implementation of the open prisons program. 

He said convicts would undergo lectures, while being allowed to perform calls openly and daily through their balance during the day. Convicts will be served meals different from the regular prison meals. 

"According to preliminary and unofficial information, the first group will remain for 3 months in Jaw Prison (the designated building) and then they will be transferred to separate prisons in provinces that will be dedicated to the implementation of the program," Sarhan said.

He continued to say "Those sentenced will spend 12 hours at home, work or study and 12 hours in prison with reduced restrictions for 6 months."

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