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Tenth Eve: Central Prayer Led by Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Aa'li, Scholars Procession to Launch after 8

2022-08-08 - 1:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: As part of the closing events of Ashura, activists announced that the central prayer of the tenth eve this year will be led by Sheikh Mahmoud Al-A'ali at the Al-Khawaja Mosque in the capital, Manama.

According to the announcement, men will pray in Al-Khawaja Mosque and at Imam Hussein Street (PBUH), while women will pray in Moe'men Mosque and the women's section in Al-Khawaja Mosque.

The scholars' procession will launch on the tenth eve at 8:40 pm near Moe'men Mosque and Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi is expected to lead the procession as usual.

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