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Sheikh Sanqour: Suspicions Surrounding Scholarship Distribution will Remain until Data Transparently Published

2022-07-25 - 4:32 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, preacher of Diraz Mosque, said that the suspicions surrounding the fairness of scholarship distribution will remain unless the names of those who receive them, their scores and specialties are released.

He said that the unfortunate history of this issue and the way scholarships are distributed justify this uncertainity, adding that "the mere authorization to adopt the cumulative score for scholarship distribution does not dispel strong doubts about the adoption of other criteria, not the most recent of which is discrimination and nepotism."

"The uncertainty is reinforced by the insistence on ignoring the calls of families for full transparency," he said, wondering, "What is the harm in disclosing the names, scores and specialties of those who receive scholarships, if the distribution is carried out in accordance with the standards of justice and fairness as they claim?"

"The general public does not judge the state through its laws, but by observing the conduct of officials and those assigned to facilitate people's affairs," Sheikh Sanqour said.

He further stated "The law may be appropriate and even beneficial to the general public, but junior employees turn it into a heavy burden on people," adding that "these employees may dare due to the lack of oversight and claim that what they do is law."

Sheikh Sanqour continued, "They may prevent the application of many laws that benefit people by ignoring them or because they do not suit their personal interests, so they will withhold them from people who do not adopt their sect. They may also take advantage of their positions, violate the law or invest in it for their own interests, and they will be paid off for their service."

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