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Bahrain: Palestinians Holding Israeli Nationalities Open Restaurant in Jannusan

2022-05-31 - 2:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: Official government documents showed the opening of a restaurant in Jannusan, in Al-Budai Street, for two Palestinians holding Israeli nationality, as well as a third Bahraini partner.

According to the documents, a commercial register of a restaurant called Rose Marine in Jannusan was issued in April, while the license was issued on May 30, 2022.

The restaurant is owned by three partners, Bahraini Ali Ahmed Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan, with 1% share, and two others holding the Israeli nationality, Nader Awad with 94% share and Samira Obeid Awad, who owns 5% of the BD 5000 company's capital.

Since Bahrain signed the normalization agreement with Israel in September 2020, Israeli nationals have been allowed to engage in commercial activities in Bahrain.

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