Crown Prince's Yacht Costs Enough to Cover Retirees' Salary Increase for 6 Years

2022-04-26 - 10:50 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): When it comes to adding taxes in Bahrain, it is only applied to the hungry and unfortunate, who are in dire need of a single dinar and struggling to live day by day, while members of the royal family spare no expense. 

The aim of austerity is to provide the extravagance that the ruling family desires. Spending on health and education is reduced and taxes on the poor are increased so the king and his sons can enjoy the same privileges and share of wealth. 

For the Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa to own a yacht, taxes and fees paid by citizens are increased,  housing budgets are reduced, retirement system is changed and construction of schools, hospitals and tunnels is halted.

Why does the Crown Prince own a yacht worth up to 106 million dinars in a country where the government regards adding 3% to retirees' salaries too much, when this percentage is barely enough to cover the annual inflation rate?

The cost of this yacht, purchased by Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa from Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, would cover the increase in retirees' salaries for the next six years, so where is justice and fairness in the country's distribution of wealth? 

The Crown Prince enjoys a 457-foot yacht, while citizens do not even own a house of mere 240 square meters, let alone the yacht's luxurious specifications for furniture and décor. 

The yacht has a 22-suite hotel that can comfortably accommodate up to 40 guests, all of which are served by up to 94 crew with an additional 56 staff, bringing the total number of staff to 150.

Some of the yacht's special features include a car garage, a fully equipped hair salon, a cinema and helipad, a number of Jacuzzi bathrooms, a fully equipped gym and a dressing room for singers.

It also has three recovery areas, one for the owner, one for crew members and one for guests. Five roofs, eight floors, a large rooftop swimming pool and an indoor glass ceiling, offering ample space for total relaxation. 

These are the features of only one yacht owned by the king and his sons, while people are asked to sacrifice their annual increase and pay VAT in order to save the country's budget. 

Why don't the king and his children sacrifice any of these privileges? Why don't they sacrifice the public land they share from Muharraq to Riffa? Why don't they sacrifice their daily share of the oil they receive in cash without a penny less? 

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