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Health of Detainee Suffering from Epilepsy Deteriorates, Jaw Prison Denies Him Medical Care

2022-04-26 - 9:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Family of Bahraini detainee Ali Matooq said that the Jaw Prison administration refuses to provide their son with medical care despite his deteriorating health condition due to the seizures he suffers that lead to asphyxiation during sleep, stressing that he turns blue due to the severity of the asphyxiation.

Activist Jehan Matooq, sister of detainee Ali Matooq, said via her Twitter account that her brother had chronic migraines, but it developed into epileptic seizures during his imprisonment.

She added that her brother told them in a recent phone call that he started to choke while sleeping and turned blue, but the prison administration refused to refer him to a specialist doctor or even the prison infirmary.

The family expressed concern over his health and his life, which has become in danger due to medical negligence by the prison administration.

Jaw Prison administration punishes dozens of political detainees with medical negligence and denial of treatment due to their political opinions and anti-regime positions. Medical negligence has led to the death of a number of political detainees, the latest of whom was martyr Hussein Barakat.

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