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Bahraini Citizen Appeals to Save Her Son's Life

2022-04-24 - 5:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: Mother of prisoner of conscience Mohammed Abdulamir has appealed to the Bahraini authorities to save her son, whose health has deteriorated dramatically, noting that his life has become in danger.

Crying in tears, the mother recounted how her son was imprisoned when he was young and in good health and how he got sick amid health negligence. Abdulamir is currently in hospital after his health worsened.

Mohammed Abdulamir suffers from strong bouts of pain and screams from pains in his head. Four days ago, he was taken to hospital after suffering a severe seizure that almost ended his life. He was only transferred after protests by his fellow prisoners He was first transferred to the prison clinic and the doctor there ordered to urgently take him by ambulance to Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex. He was held in the hospital building under orders issued by the emergency doctor. His condition is still unstable.

The mother demanded that her son get released and receive treatment under specialized medical supervision.

"All previous calls for his release so that he can receive treatment have been ignored," said human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh

Al-Saegh urged "The Bahraini authorities to work to free political prisoners, mainly the sick ones."

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