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After Condemning Palestinian Operation, Al-Zayani Says "My Country Sees Tremendous Capabilities for Cooperation with Israel"

2022-03-28 - 10:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: Israel and Bahrain, on Monday, signed a framework agreement for cooperation on the sidelines of the Negev summit held today.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced the signing of a "framework agreement for cooperation" with Bahrain, Al-Arabiya reported in an urgent news flash.

Earlier today, Bahrain's Foreign Affairs Minister said in a press conference after the Neveg Summit "My country sees tremendous possibilities for cooperation with Israel," calling for continued dialogue to establish joint cooperation and build confidence.

"We are working to achieve common security in the region," he added.

"Our meeting today in the Negev is an opportunity for the region to flourish and achieve the aspirations of its people," he said, noting that the timing of the summit is important as it comes in light of developments in the region such as Houthi attacks and Hezbollah and Iran activities.

He also condemned the terrorist attack in Israel, saying: "We stand firm against violence in all its forms."

The Bahraini Foreign Minister thanked the United States for sponsoring the Abraham accords and for its commitment to the security of the region. 

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