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Al-Wefaq: More than 300 Violations, 118 Peaceful Protests in February

2022-03-06 - 3:31 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society monitored the most prominent events in February 2022 and the violations carried out by the authorities, which resulted in the arrest of dozens, including a woman and three children, in addition to the enforced disappearance of two detainees.

According to the Al-Wefaq report, the cases of arrests were 28, including one woman, Fadeela Abdulrasoul, and 3 children; Ali Mohsen Al-Arab, Hussein Khamis, and Ali Hussein Al-Sheikh.

12 summonses were documented against 11 citizens; Mounir Mushaima, brother of martyr Hasan Mushaima, was summoned twice.

Al-Wefaq monitored two cases of enforced disappearance for detainees Sayed Jaafar and Sayed Radi Mousa Alawi.

The cases of arrests and extended detention pending investigation reached 44 against 27 detainees, including 10 children. Fadeela Abdulrasoul's detention and extended detention was renewed twice.

Bahraini courts issued 6 arbitrary sentences against detainees, reaching 59 years in prison and BD 100,000 fines.

The society documented 10 cases related to individual violations in prison, represented in ill-treatment and denial of treatment.

Two cases of individual protests were recorded in Jaw Central Prison, both were cases of hunger strikes by Sheik Mirza Al-Mahrous and Mohammad Hasan Abdullah Al-Ramel.

The security authorities stormed 44 areas, while the number of raids reached 200, mainly in Sanabis, Al-Daih, Jidhafs and Sitra.

Dozens of citizens took part in 118 peaceful protests, most notably in Sanabis.

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