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Al-Wefaq: Over 200 HR Violations on Anniversary of Feb. 14 Uprising, Including 28 Arrests and Dozens of Raids

2022-02-25 - 12:19 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society monitored more than 200 human rights violations in the second and third weeks of February.

According to Al-Wefaq report which monitored the period from 8 to 21 February, 28 arrest cases were documented, including child, Ali Mohsen Al-Arab, and Mrs. Fadeela Abdulrasoul.

The arrested are: Ali Mohsen Al-Arab, Jaafar Hussein, Mohammed Hussein, Ammar Al-Nasheet, Ali Nuaim, Sayed Jaafar Alawi, Sayed Radhi Al-Alawi, Ali Hasan Jassim, Nasrala Hussein Jassim, Hachem Abdulhasan Ashour, Sadeq Al Abbas, Jihad Al-Samei, Fadeela Abdulrasoul. Hussein Eid, Hasann Foad, Hussein Hani, Ali Ramadan, Sayed Mohammad Majed Hachem, Jaafar Hasan, Ahmed Abbas, Mohammad Al-Aswad, Abdulamir Aboud, Haidar Al Aboud, Sayed Hussein Jawad, Hussein Khamis, Ali Hussein Al-Sheikh, Karrar Abdulnabi and Ali Hasan Ashour.

Meanwhile, 11 summonses were recorded during this period, including one child, Ali Mohsen Al-Arab, and one female, Fadeela Abdulrasoul.

Al-Wefaq monitored two cases of enforced disappearance for detainees Sayed Jaafar and Sayed Radi Mousa Alawi.

The cases of arrests and extended detention pending investigation reached 21, including 14 arrest cases and 13 cases of extended detention, including 8 children. 16 of the cases were supposed to be referred to the High Court and 5 to the Public Prosecution.

4 cases of individual violations were recorded in prisons, all of them are cases of ill-treatment, 3 in Jaw Central Prison and one case in an identified arrest center, against Mohmmad Hasan Mirza, who was recently arrested. The arrested are: Mohmmad Hasan Al-Ramel, Kassim Khudair and Abdulaziz Ibrahim.

Meanwhile, one case of individual protest was documented in Jaw Prison, a hunger strike by detained cleric Sheikh Mirza Al-Mahrous.

140 raids were carried on in 42 areas, including 5 cases of house raids, 5 cases of checkpoints deployment and 2 of streets blockade.

Sanabis, Al-Daih, Sitra, Jidhafs, Abu Saiba and Al-Shakhoura were among the areas where raids were carried on.

Al-Wefaq's report monitored 84 protests in 36 areas, including Sanabis, Abu Saiba, Al-Shakhoura and Sitra.

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