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Israeli Soldiers Arrive in Bahrain to Participate in Maritime Exercises

2022-02-18 - 1:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Israeli occupation is participating for the first time in the International Maritime Exercise (IMX), led by the US Fifth Fleet, in the Red Sea region and the territorial waters of Bahrain, which includes 60 countries.

According to Al-Hurra channel, these exercises are conducted every two years, in order to prepare for dealing with security challenges and rescue missions. The occupation entity sent soldiers and officers to the Fifth Fleet headquarters off the coast of Bahrain. 

An Israeli source revealed to Al-Hurra that Israel sent Navy Underwater Missions Unit, stressing that some of the officers met with their Bahraini counterparts during being there.

Israeli missile-carrying vessels, as well as other types and drones, participate bilaterally, along with fifth fleet ships in the trainings in the Red Sea region.

Scenarios were prepared by the Israeli and US Navy to be trained on during these maneuvers about three months ago, when the commander of US task force 59 visited the country and considered Israel's capabilities in this area. He was also informed of some of the security issues that the Navy has been dealing with, particularly in the recent period.

The Israeli source, who refused to reveal his name, said that since his country was moved to CENTCOM, the Commander of the Fifth Fleet, Brad Cooper, visited the country three times and met with his counterpart, Israeli Navy Commander Major General David Saar Salama.

The two have recently met in Bahrain to learn closely about the challenges and share intelligence.

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