2021 Panorama: Ayatollah Qassim Calls on Opposition to Unify Stance, Rejects Attempts to Obstruct Meeting Embracing All Parties

2022-02-14 - 5:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim issued (September 18, 2021) a statement calling on the opposition to unify their stance, in the face of government projects that seek to pass "weak formal reforms" and eliminate key demands.

He said in his statement that "The opposition that stands as a spectator regarding what the regime is doing, as if it were waiting for the ruling regime's decision on the fate of the people, which is its fate as well, and the cause that it has long been held responsible for protecting, is odd."

He went on to say that "no understanding and meetings were held between the societies and activists regarding what is beneficial to the people and against the officials seeking to cover the reality that has to be changed. Besides, no coordination or unity of stance was spotted among the opposition towards what falls within the framework of saving the situation, restoring rights and meeting demands."

The opposition groups quickly issued a statement stressing their supporting stances with Sheikh Qassim's call to unify the opposition's action.

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society responded to Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim's appeal regarding the need to coordinate and unify the situation and ready themselves for what's to come, saying: "We firmly and responsibly adopt your Eminence's call for coordination and joint action, and take responsibility with our brothers and beloved strugglers of the political and societal groups, who look forward to building a just and democratic country in which everyone is equal in political rights among other rights."

"We emphasize working hard together on a project to coordinate and communicate with the opposition groups at the highest levels, as well as organizing a general national conference for Bahraini political parties."

Al-Wefaq Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman sent a support letter from inside his prison cell to Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim on developments regarding the political scene.

"We have known you as a national leader who loves his country, who has worked hard, persistently and sincerely all his life for the sake of the nation's prosperity... You have always been an advocate of truth and fairness, who adheres to peacefulness and civility," he said. 

Sheikh Ali Salman further added that Ayatollah Qassim "is open to dialogue and communication for the public interest and the aspirations of the people for genuine political participation by enabling the people to manage their legislative and executive affairs."

"We saw you as a minaret, so depend on God alongside those who stood by you," said Sheikh Salman, concluding his letter.

Haq Movement stressed the need to "activate the directives", and expressed its "willingness to do everything it can for the success of the conference (which Al-Wefaq said it will work to organize)."

Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Moqdad, one of prominent opposition figures, announced from his prison cell his support for Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, calling on the opposition to stand by him.

Despite the consensus on Sheikh Isa Qassim's call, no coordination meetings were held.

Three months following his call, Sheikh Isa Qassim said: "If the diverse opposition cannot manage to gather and agree on what falls in the interest of the people and country, then it lacks the feasibility of representing the people."

"Any action from inside or outside the opposition that aims at obstructing a meeting between its parties that would put forth what satisfies God, His Messenger and the faithful, and safeguards faith, the people and the homeland is condemned."

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