2021 Panorama: Systematic Medical Negligence Leads to Martyrdom of Number of Prisoners, Health of Mushaima and Al-Moqdad Deteriorates

2022-02-10 - 12:51 am

2021 Panorama: In 2021, systematic official medical negligence killed political and non-political prisoners. Meanwhile, the appeals of the families of sick prisoners and human rights activists were made to no avail.

During the first 10 months, three political prisoners died, two inside prison and one outside, whose conditions worsened due to medical negligence inside the prison. A criminal prisoner, who had sickle cell anemia, also died after the negligence he was subjected to.

In April, as the Coronavirus vastly spread inside Jaw Central Prison, inmate Abbas Malullah, 50, died on April 6, after his health severely deteriorated.

Malullah's life could have been saved at that time but the ambulance came one hour after his collapse. The martyr suffered for years from medical negligence due to a shotgun injury he had sustained, as well as a disease affecting his colon and a stomach ulcer.

Prisoner Hussein Barakat, 48, died in June due to medical negligence in prison.

Barakat contracted the Coronavirus and his respiratory health rapidly deteriorated. His cellmates tried to convince the prison administration to transfer him to hospital. He was examined by the prison doctor. Prisoners heard him saying that the inmate was suffering from Coronavirus and that his oxygen level was very low. Police then returned him to his prison cell. In the following month, particularly July 25, the Interior Ministry announced the death of a prisoner, 35, due to sickle cell anemia complications.

Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaei, director of advocacy at Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, said that Hasan Abdulnabi Mansoor was sentenced to 3 months in prison, and was not included among those sentenced under the alternative penalty code, despite the seriousness of his condition.

He highlighted that the prisoner suffered from medical negligence in Dry Dock Prison, indicating that there was a delay in giving him his medication and his transfer to the prison clinic was delayed as well. The prisoner was groaning and crying in pain, prompting his cellmates to knock heavily on the doors until he was transferred. He was taken to the prison infirmary then to Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex, where he passed away.

On October 25, former prisoner Ali Qambar died after his struggle with cancer following the torture he received in Jaw Prison.

Human rights activist Ahmed Al-Wadaei reported martyr Qambar saying that he could have survived this disease if the prison administration responded to his demand to receive treatment as soon as he felt the symptoms. However, the prison administration stalled for a year which resulted in the spread of the disease, reaching his lungs, which contributed to the complexity of his health and his inability to recover.

The Interior Ministry released Ali Qambar only after his health became worse and his life was in danger, so he was released for health reasons, but after the interior ministry's negligence put him on the slow path towards death.

In June 2021, imprisoned prominent cleric Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Moqdad raised alarm over his health, holding the authorities responsible for what is happening to him.

Despite his long suffering, this was the first time Sheikh Abduljalil, 61, complained about his health deterioration.

He said that he is being neglected to an extent of torture and that he holds the prison administration responsible for anything that happens to him.  

He said that he suffers from severe head pain, demanding his right to receive treatment.

In July, the health of Haq Movement leader, Mr. Hasan Mushaima, who has been suffering from medical negligence for a decade, deteriorated.

His son Ali Mushaima announced this deterioration saying: "One week after transferring my father to the hospital, preliminary results showed a high level of blood sugar that reached 23 Mmol/l and high blood pressure that reached 180. His heart muscle has been negatively affected by the high blood pressure."

"He was told that his kidneys were damaged and they have not yet disclosed the extent of the damage. My father also suffers severe knee pain that makes him spend most of his time in bed."

Ali Mushaima explained that his father is also waiting for "an accurate diagnosis and clear treatment to these and other problems such as prostate, hearing, allergies and others."

Mushaima is still in hospital and told his family that he is suffering from restrictions inside the hospital.

The appalling practice of negligence continues. Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh posts every day about the suffering of prisoners due to medical negligence and shares their appeals that are not being heard, despite their seriousness. Every day a family in Bahrain says: Save the Prisoners.

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