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Al-Wefaq: 284 HR Violations, 84 Protests in January

2022-02-07 - 4:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, largest opposition political society, said that it documented 284 human rights violations practiced by the Bahraini authorities in January 2022.

It said in a report (on February 3, 2022) that citizens participated in more than 84 peaceful protests in January in 28 villages, mainly Sanabis and Damistan. Meanwhile, security forces carried out 188 raids in 31 villages. The report recorded 4 various human rights violations.

8 arbitrary arrests were documented in January, including one child. Among the most notable arbitrary cases was the case of Ahmed Jaafar who was extradited despite an ECHR ruling he not be sent home.

The arrested are: Sayed Hussein Mahmoud Mahfouz, Sayed Hussein Mohsen, Ahmad Mohammad "Al-Dosari", Ali Hussein Mansour (15 years), Hussein Halal, Hussein Al-Aradi, Ahmed Jaafar Ali and Sayed Khalil Majeed.

Al-Wefaq said that 8 summonses were sent to 5 citizens, Mr. Ali Mhanna (3 times) and Sheikh Ali Rahma.

4 judicial verdicts were issued by the high criminal court (38 years in jail + fines reaching BD 400,000). The charges or the name of cases were not identified. The convicts are: Sayed Mahmoud Ali Alawi, Sayed Ahmed Al-Ghuraifi, Hasan Hameed and Sayed Mojtaba Saaed.

Individual violations in prisons reached 28 cases of torture, ill-treatment, denial of treatment and education.

Bahraini prisons witnessed 3 protests due to denial of treatment and continuation of detainees' isolation.

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