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British Website Condemns MP Bob Stewart for Condemning Presence of Political Prisoners in Bahrain

2022-01-21 - 6:03 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The British Declassified website condemned in a tweet on its official Twitter account the comments of MP Bob Stewart on political prisoners in Bahrain.

The tweet read "Poor Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart. He's now denying there are any political prisoners in the dictatorship of Bahrain, after last year welcoming UK military training of Kazakhstan forces. Watch him in action here."

It also attached a video with the tweet showing MP Bernard O'Hara speaking about Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace and his hunger strike after he spent more than a decade in prison for his part in supporting the pro-democracy Arab spring uprising in 2011.

MP O'Hara confirms that there are about 1400 political prisoners being held in the notorious Jaw prison.

This was followed by a comment for MP Bob Stewart in the Parliament saying "I can say I have contacts with Bahrain and they would dispute these figures," indicating that "they don't actually have political prisoners. They are all prisoners because they committed a crime."

The video said that Bahrain paid for Stewart £5000 to go on visit in November.

British MPs called for the release of political prisoners during a session in which the Governments of Bahrain and Britain, which uses taxpayers' money to support Bahraini agencies accused of human rights violations, were sharply criticized.

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