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Al-Wefaq: Courts Issued Total Prison Sentences of 38 Years, BD 400,000 Fine within One Week

2022-01-18 - 9:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that it monitored more than 60 human rights violations against citizens and detainees within the second week of January.

The weekly report, which monitored the violations between January 8 and 14, 2022, recorded the continuing summonses of active human rights and religious figures, coinciding with the execution anniversary of the three martyrs: Abbas Al-Samie, Sami Mushaima and Ali Al-Singace.

Al-Wefaq report monitored 4 summonses against 3 citizens. Activist Ali Mhanna was summoned twice, in addition to Sheikh Ali Rahma and Mounir Mushaima, brother of martyr Sami Mushaima.

The report said that the detention of 5 children was extended for a week pending investigation.

The children were arrested on December 27, 2021. They are: Mohammad Jaafar Al-Kuwaiti (15 years), Moqtada Jaafar Al-Kuwaiti (15 years), Montazar Jaafar Al-Kuwaiti (14 years), Ahmad Fadel Ahmad Hubail (15 years) and Mohammad Abdulzahraa Mansour (15 years).

As for the arbitrary verdicts, the report revealed that the high criminal court issued a total of 38 years in prison and BD 400,000 fine.

The arbitrarily convicted are Mahmoud Ali Alawi (15 years+ 100,000 fine), Sayed Ahmad Al-Ghuraifi (10 years+ 100,000 fine), Hasan Humaid (10 years+ 100,000 fine) and Sayed Mojtaba Saeed (3 years+ 100,000 fine).

With respect to violations in prisons, the individual violations reached 4, all of them happened in Jaw Prison, 3 of them were ill-treatment cases and 1 case of education denial.

The detainees who were subjected to ill-treatment are: Ousama Al-Saghir and Ammar Abdulghani. Meanwhile, Jouma'a Nasser Jouma'a was subjected to ill-treatment and prevented from education.

The security authorities carried out 44 raids in 17 areas.

Peaceful protests reached 16 in 9 areas, mainly in Sanabis, Al-Muqasha, Damistan and others.

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