2021 Panorama: Normalization without a People (Editorial)

2022-01-14 - 1:44 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): On December 27, 1947, the political agent in the Gulf, Rupert Hay, wrote confidential letter S223 entitled "Unrests against Events in Palestine". He said; "the political agent visited the Shaikh [Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa] with the adviser and expressed his regret that the rioting had happened... The Shaikh expressed equal regret, and contrasted what had happened in Bahrain with the lack of incidents in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He was testy and inclined to be resentfully lachrymose at the subject being brought up at all. He put the whole blame for the looting upon the Persian element in the town... The position at Bahrain is not very satisfactory. The Shaikh does not maintain a close touch with his subjects and has little personal influence. It is pleasant to turn from Bahrain to Kuwait where the Shaikh although he has his faults is at any rate a strong man and in close touch with his people. No strike or demonstration of any kind occurred in Kuwait... There have been no reactions in Qatar or on the Trucial Coast to the U.N.O. decision regarding Palestine beyond a sermon in a mosque."

There seems to be historical constants that have not changed since 1947 until this year, the Shaikh continues to blame the Persian element, and still has no close touch with his people, and still has no personal influence.

Without the approval of their people, the authorities of this small island went too far with their acts of normalization with the Israeli entity, which the Bahraini people reject. It signed a peace agreement with Israel on September 15, 2020 at the White House and received National Intelligence Agency of Israel (Mossad) director Yossi Cohen on September 30, 2020, in the first of kind public visit, signed a memorandum of understanding, "Fight Iran in the war of ideas", provided Israel with the most famous and important Bahrain Financial Exchange Company, and enabled Israel's Pegasus surveillance program to spy on devices of activists and opponents of the regime. One year after signing the normalization deal, the Israeli Embassy was inaugurated in Bahrain on September 30, 2021.

70 years ago, we were protesting the UN resolution made to divide Palestine. Today, the head of our representatives and head of state sovereignty (the King) signs on a decision that eliminates Palestine. He, like the British documents say, has no close touch with his people, which means that he has no normal relation with them. Those who enjoy natural relations with their people don't represent them in matters they reject or are against.

Three quarters of the century has passed and this island still doesn't own its will. We spent the last decade and entered the new decade without a consensual contract that documents the natural relationship between the ruler and his people. In any natural state, the source of sovereignty is linked to the people.

The Israelis covered up the fact that they invaded and stole the land by claiming the myth that it was "a land without a people". This is how normalization supporters run towards this unnatural entity, without their peoples. A peace without a people and their will is an unlawful peace, unnatural peace, and usurped peace. 

This may explain the attitude of the ruling system towards the people's protests and rejection, from 1947 to present day, as described in the British documents: He was testy and inclined to be resentfully lachrymose.

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