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Number of British MPs Signing on Petition Demanding Al-Singace's Release Increases to 39

2022-01-09 - 12:15 am

Bahrain Mirror: The number of MPs signing on a parliamentary petition calling for the release of Dr. Abduljalil Al-Singace has risen to 39.

The number of signatories increased at the beginning of the first week of January after the Christmas and New Year holiday.

Al-Singace has been on hunger strike for 183 days. The petition draws attention to the strike, which started on July 8, 2021 to protest the confiscation of a research he spent four years to prepare on popular proverbs and different dialects of the people of Bahrain.

The petition also addresses the unjust life term sentence against Al-Singace for his peaceful role in calling for democracy during the February 14, 2011 uprising.

Al-Singace is one of the most prominent opposition activists and an academic figure who has a respectable reputation inside and outside Bahrain. 

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