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Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary-General: Oil Country Kicks off New Year with Terrible Failure in Providing Services with Blessing of Copious Rainfall

2022-01-05 - 4:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq deputy Secretary-General, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, commented on the flooding of housing areas and houses in Bahrain and recalled the government failure in providing services and real infrastructure in Bahrain.

Al-Daihi said "the media and concerned people should write this piece of news on Bahrain: The oil country has kicked off the new year with terrible failure in providing services with the blessing of copious rainfall, yet has succeeded in providing open prison doors and absent democracy

Heavy rain on Sunday (January 2, 2022) led to forming large water pools in some areas, especially the new housing areas in Lawzi and Qalali. Citizens lost their furniture and pools of water were formed inside the houses. Some streets were flooded and dozens of cars broke down in the water swamps that were formed due to the failure of sewage infrastructure.

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