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Activist Brian Dooley: Biden's Administration Silence on Sheikh Ali Salman Case is Shameful

2021-12-29 - 7:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activist Brian Dooley of Human Rights First saw that Biden's Administration silence on Sheikh Ali Salman case is shameful. 

He said in a new statement "I am Brian Dooley from Human Rights First, based in Washington DC. For many years we have been calling for the release of Sheikh Ali Salman from prison. I know him personally, I know him to be a peaceful opposition leader. What's been disappointing is the Biden Administration's damaging silence around Sheikh Ali Salman case."

"We know that when the US government decides to raise cases publicly in Bahrain, whether it was around the medics, Ibrahim Sharif, Zaynab Al-Kahwaja or others. we know that results can be achieved." 

"For all its talk of promoting democracy and putting human rights at the essence of its public foreiign policy, the Biden Administration was far too quiet about pushing for the release of Sheik Ali Salman and others," he added.

Dooley stated "Back in 2016, the US State Department called for his release. We'd like to see those calls renewed persistently and loudly. We also, of course, call on the Bahraini government directly to release him and all the other peaceful dissidents who are currently held in prison." 

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