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Al-Muhafda: Parvez Has Prostate Tumor, Prison Clinic Didn't Inform his Family on His Release

2021-12-23 - 6:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Sayed Yousif Al-Muhafda said that the recently released detainee Mohammqed Jawad Pervez suffers from a prostate tumor according to the first diagnosis and it is not known whether the tumor is benign or malignant.

Al-Muhafda said via his Instagram account that Pervez's family was not informed when he was released, although the  prison clinic was aware of his disease.

Pervez was supposed to undergo an urgent surgery today, but it was postponed for a month "due to the hospital's preoccupation with other surgeries," according to Al-Muhafda.

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