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Int'l Human Rights Activists Criticize Lebanese Interior Minister's Decision: It's Illegal to Deport any Dissident

2021-12-19 - 11:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: A member of the Lebanese National Human Rights Institution said that the Lebanese Minister of Interior took his decision "regarding the deportation of Al-Wefaq members amid silence of government institutions and others, particularly the Ministry of Justice".

He indicated that "There is no governmental body specialized in human rights issues yet in order to be consulted on this matter," stressing that "it is illegal to deport any dissident. No party has the right to request the deportation of any, as this requires a judicial decision. Besides, individuals to be deported have the right to appeal the verdict."

He tells Raseef 22 website: The Lebanese state hides behind the laws and the authority of the head of the General Security Directorate to deport foreigners, but there is no judicial decision. Bahraini opponents committed no crime, they always hold such press conferences, and they have been in Lebanon for nearly a decade.

Amnesty International expressed concern over the decision of the Interior Minister and the Prime Minister against Bahraini dissidents, indicating that "Al-Wefaq is a legal opposition society licensed in Bahrain, and had its seats in the Legislative Council for many years. The Bahraini authorities even negotiated it on a number of Bahraini human rights issues."

Devin Kenny of Amnesty says in a statement to Raseef 22 website "Statements that are not in line with the interests of the government may be considered hostile to intergovernmental relations. Criticizing governments on the basis of human rights and holding press conferences are all activities are under the title of Internationally Protected Freedom of Expression."

He stresses "All these activities do not constitute a valid reason for the deportation of anyone," adding that members of the Bahraini opposition would be subjected to serious human rights violations if deported to Bahrain."

Regarding the Lebanese government, Kenny comments "Its decision to deport Bahraini dissidents for expressing a critical opinion to the Government of Bahrain contradicts its obligations to international law."

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