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Sheik Hussein Al-Daihi: We Continue on Path of Martyrs and Sheik Al-Jamri..We Know No Despair, Faitgue

2021-12-19 - 8:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary-General of the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi said "We continue on the path of martyrs and our Sheik Al-Jamri, adhering to values and principles."

Bahrainis commemorate Martyrs Day and Sheikh Al-Jamri on December 17 each year.

"We continue on the path of martyrs and our Sheikh Al-Jamri, adhering to the values and principles for which they sacrificed their lives. We know no despair, fatigue, submission or shame, but unbreakable determination, will and certainty that victory will be achieved," Al-Daihi Tweeted. 

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