Bahrainis Bought AED 228 Million Assets in UAE in 2020, Trade Exchange between Two Countries Reached AED 20 Billion (Emirati Statement)

2021-12-16 - 3:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Emirati Ministry of Finance said that trade exchange between the UAE and Bahrain in 2020 was valued at AED20.1 billion.

"The real estate deals in the country continued to perform well with more Bahraini investors entering the UAE's real estate investment market. In 2020, the value of real estate deals signed by Bahraini citizens in the UAE reached AED228 million, whereas the number of Bahraini real estate owners in the UAE in the same year stood at 237," the ministry said in a report on December 6, 2021.

The ministry revealed that the number of Bahraini investors in the public shareholding companies that are registered with the Securities and Commodities Authority stood at 13,978 in 2020, whereas 331 licences for various economic activities were granted to Bahraini nationals in the UAE.

It also said that the number of Bahraini students who were registered in UAE's schools in 2020 was 497.

Besides, around 42,588 Bahraini nationals stayed in UAE's hotels in 2020, and 11 weekly flights were conducted by Bahraini carriers to the UAE all year round.

The ministry also said that the number of Bahraini nationals who received treatment at UAE's public hospitals and clinics reached 8,597 in 2020.

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