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BFHR Head Responds to Deportation Request: You Haven't Had Enough of Epidemic of Violations in Bahrain, You Want to Export it Abroad

2021-12-16 - 3:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Head of the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights commented on the Bahraini Interior Minister request from his Lebanese counterpart to deport members of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society from Lebanon saying "Government of oppression, haven't you had enough of the epidemic of violations inside Bahrain to export it abroad?"

Baqer Darwish said via his Twitter account "Standing with the truth and raising the voice of your oppressed people is a medal of honor in the face of suppression, tyranny and injustice. We will forever stand with what is right."

After receiving a call from his Bahraini counterpart on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi sent a letter to the General Security Directorate requesting that all measures be taken to deport members of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society outside Lebanon. 

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