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Former Official at Supreme Council for Environment: Giant City Projects at Sea will Force us to Eat Dried fish

2021-11-30 - 7:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: A former official at Bahrain's Supreme Council for the Environment criticized the government's announcement of projects to build five new investment cities by burying at least 300,000 square meters of marine space.

"After the announcement of the five new cities at sea in Bahrain, we will have to eat Mahyawa (sauce made out of fermented fish) and dried fish," said Ismail Al-Madany, who served as undersecretary of the Supreme Council for the Environment.

He added that pressures on our marine environment have been going on for more than 70 years, which weaken and ruin it. Giant city projects at sea may destroy our marine environment and force us later to import fish.

The government's plan to build investment cities has been criticized by citizens on social media outlets, as the five newspapers operating in Bahrain, state television and radio are areas where criticizing government projects is prevented.

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