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Al-Wefaq Criticizes Manama Dialogue: Countries Launch Dialogue in a Country that Rejects Internal Dialogue

2021-11-19 - 7:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's opposition Al-Wefaq Society called on the participants in the Manama Dialogue to urge the Bahraini regime to put an end to the political repression, marginalization, tyranny, and rejection of internal dialogue.

On Friday (November 19, 2021), Bahrain hosts the launch of the seventeenth summit (Manama Dialogue 2021).

Al-Wefaq stressed that the dialogue is taking place at a time when Bahrain is experiencing the largest political and security crisis in its history. The regime rejects all calls of the United Nations and the world for dialogue with the people, who are paying a hefty price because of their demands for democratic transformation, social justice and respect for human rights.

The Society went on to say that these conditions led Bahrain to an unprecedented deterioration of its economic and development level in the absence of national consensus and harmony.

The Society highlighted that hundreds of citizens are languishing in the notorious prisons of the Bahraini regime, including leaders and symbols of the opposition, such as opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman and a number of academics, activists and scholars for reasons related to freedom of opinion and expression and calls for dialogue and a democratic shift in power.

Al Wefaq called on the participants to pressure the regime to respond to international decisions and UN recommendations urging for the need to reproduce power through serious and comprehensive political dialogue that would achieve building a just and democratic state.

Al-Wefaq further stressed that the majority of the Bahraini people took part in the peaceful movement due to the urgent need for comprehensive and serious political reform, and since the authorities deliberately hide the truth and rely on their economic interests with the world and the Gulf states, so they buy support to circumvent and escape the urgent democratic necessities.


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