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Protestors: Manama Dialogue "Lie", Regime Only Knows Language of Oppression

2021-11-20 - 8:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: Dozens of citizens protested southeast of the capital, Manama, to call on senior participants in Manama Dialogue to stop support for the Bahraini government.

Demonstrators described the call of the world's countries for Manama Dialogue as a "lie", noting that the Bahraini regime knows only the language of killing and prisons.

The angry people who demonstrated in Bu Quwah confirmed their rejection of the normalization of relations with Israel, and chanted slogans against the occupying entity, and others greeting the steadfastness of the Palestinians.

Al-Wefaq society has denounced the idea of dialogue at a time hundreds of citizens are languishing in Bahrain's notorious prisons. "States are holding dialogue in a country that rejects internal dialogue," it said.

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